Marita Tatari on »Narkosis«


Charlie Fouchier in “Narkosis” © Sandra Man + Moritz Majce, 2017

Marita Tatari, professor for Contemporary Aesthetics at the HMDK Stuttgart, writes about “Narkosis” in her text “The Fading of an Archimedean Point: Stage and Audience Reconsidered”:

[…] This piece does not confront or fight a given arrangement of the world. Instead, it intervenes in our perception and restores it to its underlying plasticity or formability. Narkosis dives under the level of contents, identities and given forms, under the level of that which is being shown, down to the point at which “the eye rotates in its hollow.” It is not just a meditation on seeing. It opens up a space in which, for the duration of an evening, the audience can be an audience: it can be affected by the action of a gathering, which is deeply resistant to any given order. The piece addresses and enables a non-given-common as relation. It actualizes it in its audience as well as in the performers, and bears it along, bearing it jointly together. [..]

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